10 Reasons You Need Structural Steel

If you’re creating project plans for a new building, you are likely evaluating the costs and benefits of a variety of building materials. There’s one decision that’s easy: the choice of kent structural steel fabrications for your project. No other material has the distinct advantages of steel. Here are eight reasons why there is no alternative to structural steel:

  1. It’s cost-effective. No other material for structural framing provides the same benefit. Not only is it a good choice for its initial low cost, but it also reduces your costs related to the foundation and façade systems.
  2. Structural steel supports a more streamlined building process. Your structural steel is fabricated off-site while your foundation and site preparation work are being completed. Once your foundation is ready, the steel erection can be done quickly and efficiently.
  3. You maximize floor space. The lightweight, yet strong quality of structural steel makes it possible to eliminate the need for columns or other support structures, giving you the opportunity to maximize your square footage.
  4. Designers love it. Using structural steels gives you a wide range of possibilities for design. It can be curved or rolled and accommodates any unique building design.
  5. It’s adaptable. A structural steel design can always be adjusted and reconfigured to address future design or building requirements.
  6. Its quality is predictable. Steel is fabricated off-site, with precise, controlled conditions to make a consistent, predictable product.
  7. Your productivity improves. Structural steel is fabricated using an advanced supply chain, with specialized technology like computer-aided technology. This eliminates errors and keeps your project on-schedule.
  8. It’s an environmentally responsible choice. The structural steel industry produces an average of 90 percent recycled materials in its mills. In addition, when your building is at the end of its life, 100 percent of the structural steel can be recycled.
  9. Green – Today’s modern steel mills produce steel containing an average of 90% recycled material. At the end of a building’s  life cycle, 100% of the steel frame can be recycled (the current recovery rate for structural steel is 98%).  With low environmental impacts on a per-square-foot-of-construction basis, steel is the premier choice for environmentally conscious, sustainable projects.
  10. There’s always a solution in steel – No matter what specific project challenges arise, structural steel framing systems can meet them!

Steel is incredibly adaptable to your design. No matter what changes come into your building plans, or how it needs to change in the future to accommodate new requirements, your choice of steel will always be the best option. It is critical that during periods of volatility structural engineers, architects, construction managers, general contractors and project owners step back and make wise decisions regarding material and product choices based on a full range of considerations.